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Ignition Switch from Axe & Sledge is a STIMULANT-BASED PRE-WORKOUT designed for hard-working gym-goers. Our favorite here at Exile Performance Nutrition, and available in tempting flavors! When it's time to hit the gym, turn to Ignition Switch for sustained energy to keep you going through your workout and beyond. This unique formula contains four patented ingredients: TEACRINE®, INFINERGY™, CARNOSYN®, and AGMAMAX™ to improve exercise performance, mental and physical energy, focus, and pumps. Plus, L-Citrulline, AGMAMAX™, and Beet Juice Powder increase Nitric Oxide for enhanced pumps and endurance, and CARNOSYN® boosts Carnosine levels in skeletal muscle to help regenerate energy. Huperzine A and Choline Bitartrate sharpen focus and aid the mind-to-muscle connection. Ignition Switch: when you need it most