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The dawn of a new day demands new dreams and new designs.

It is with this forward-thinking attitude that we set out to redefine the multivitamin. One-a-days for weekend warriors would no longer cut it. Tableted proprietary blends aren’t acceptable anymore.

The truth is this: hard training athletes with their systems under siege require more readily available vitamins and minerals to carry out biochemical processes and synthesize hormones.

It is challenging to get it all from your whole food meals. It is impossible to extract what you need from inferior and antiquated horse pills and marketing hype products.

A “loaded” micronutrient blend wouldn’t be enough for us, however. We needed to create a daily staple upon which one could rely to bolster immunity, fortify organ health and fight inflammation. You get all of that, in a single orange-labeled white bottle.

More than the paltry tableted one-a-day of olden days, EDGE’s 8 capsules contain…

  • Robust dosages of key vitamins and minerals
  • Critical organ support herbs
  • Natural botanical co-factors to bolster immunity and fight inflammation
  • 100mg of patented Spectra natural antioxidant complex
  • Patented Bioperine to maximize absorption and nutrient utilization

As we’ve said a hundred times before, wellness and performance are inextricably linked. You’ll only ever be as good as you can recover, and your recovery is predicated on a healthy internal environment functioning optimally. Checking that box is the overlooked, underrated advantage you have over any and every competitor less inclined to sweat the details. That’s the elusive edge you seek. Get yours daily with EDGE.