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DBAP (high energy pre-workout fromula)

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Axe & Sledge has finally released their strongest pre-workout formula to date! DBAP is now available here at Exile Performance Nutrition located inside of Exile Fitness! Take your workout to another level with this insane energy boosting formula!

This is not a pre-workout for just anyone, this is a product only experienced users should try. Juiced up with over 500mg of caffeine alone, and jam packed with theobromine, synephrine, alpha-yohimbine, and yohimbine hcl..  this is by far one of the hardest hitting pre-workouts on the market. Please take this advice seriously and start with a 1/2 scoop!

Warning: This product "DBAP" is a powerful stimulant-based pre-workout powder. We suggest you start with 1/2 scoop to asses tolerance. DO not use if you have a medical condition.