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Buck Feast vegan meal replacement (30 Servings)

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Buck Feast Meal Replacement’s foundation comes from meat and (sweet) potatoes, healthy fats, and a respectable amount of fiber. We went with meat and potatoes, because these dishes have been the staple diet for lumberjacks, explorers, Vikings, and all such other persons frequently engaging in badassery of epic proportions like scaling peaks and vanquishing hordes of their ill-prepared foes (aka leaf eaters).


Tastes like... Buck Feast comes in two time-honored flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla. This way you can indulge in delectable sweetness while still feeding that inner king, queen, and/or beast. Macro-Friendly For The Win...and the Gainz, and of course, the Glory too Coming in with 350 calories, Buck Feast is dense enough to provide the sustenance our mortal forms need, yet conservative enough to protect against that dreaded fat gain. As a meal replacement, Buck Feast is formulated with the ideal macro-nutrient profile.


Carbohydrate: 31g (7g fiber) Protein: 37g Fat: 10g Benefits: High Quality, Bioavailable Ingredients Soy-Free, Hormone Free Food as fuel (Sustained Energy) Macro-Friendly & Micro-Nutrient Rich Easy To Digest Delicious Goodness 25% Daily Value of Fiber Key Ingredients Protein Supply for Maximal Muscle Recovery Our 3-protein blend is easy on the gut, and made up of: hydrolysate beef, chicken, and marine sources. This specialized trifecta of sources fills your body with collagen to keep your skin vibrant, joints healthy, brain boosted, vision sharp, and of course, your muscle fueled.


Complex Carbohydrates for Sustained Energy Glycogen is the body and brain’s preferred source of fuel but the problem with most meal replacements is they are loaded with junk-insulin-spiking simple carbs — for example, that candy bar you caved on because someone told you that you aren’t yourself when hungry. Not Buck Feast though! Buck Feast’s carbohydrates come from the same quality sources even the strictest nutrition coach would approve: sweet potato powder, oat flour, and trademarked ingredients like TapiOK and FiberSmart.


Healthy Fats for Fullness and True Satiation Despite what the archaic, misinformed Food Pyramid taught us about nutrition growing up, healthy fats are critical components of any well-rounded diet. Ideally, your planned+prepped meals have enough quality fats to keep you full and jubilant. But we’re all human. Sometimes we’re too rushed, forget, or simply don’t have the energy to meal prep. So what do we do when lunch rolls around?


Oftentimes we end up with fast food and poor life decisions (basically the same thing). Even if you order the lettuce wrap, you’re still wrapping up s***. Not with Buck Feast though...Buck Feast contains fats sourced from MCT Oil Powder (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which can help with energy, mood, focus, and overall health. Recommended Use: As a healthy meal replacement, use 12-20 ounces of cold water (or other preferred liquid) per scoop of Buck Feast. Mix to desired consistency and taste.