Sponsored Athlete Matt Silesky



From Matt: 


"My fitness journey started when I joined the Marine Corps in 2006—when working out was just something I had to do. The Marine Corp demanded top level fitness. Fast forward a few years, I went to a body building show and realized it was something I wanted to pursue. I thrive in seeing how far I can push myself, both physically and mentally. After training for a year, I took 1st place in the light heavy weight class in my first show. I was instantly hooked, and the gym transitioned from a necessity to a sanctuary. The gym became a place where life’s stresses disappeared—It’s just me and my task at hand. Since starting in my body building journey, I have competed in multiple NPC shows: 2015 Maryland/East Coast Classic (light heavy weight winner), 2016 Junior USA (light heavy weight winner), 2018 Excalibur (light heavy weight and overall winner), and most recently 2020 Arnold Classic (2nd place in the light heavy weight class). My goal is to take the sport of bodybuilding as far as I can, and I will continue to push myself when I feel like I want to quit. I recently started personal training to push others past their quitting point. Seeing the look of excitement on clients faces when the realize what they have accomplished is one of the most rewarding feelings. I have always loved helping people —so why not combine two things I love to do. I just want to see you be great." 



 You can follow Matt Silesky's bodybuilding journey on Instagram: @msilesky1105