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Black Ops Cross Training Wrist Wraps

The Black Ops is considered our original heavy weight wrist wrap. With over 40 years of experience in industrial sewing, TuffWraps brings to you a sleek Black Ops wrist wrap that can provide ample support to your wrists that can be tightened/loosened for the desired support level.

CrossTraining athletes perform a myriad of tasks such as snatches, clean and jerks, thrusters, and many more. Have you ever noticed how your wrists tend to get strained while performing them? CrossTraining athletes take special care to use back and knee supports but fail to provide the same care to their wrists. With Black Ops wrist wraps, you will prevent wrist injury and weakening while appearing stylish when powerlifting. Wouldn’t you want to exercise without worrying about your joints?

The special fabric blend and design was formulated by an experienced and licensed sports chiropractor ensuring that you can extend your wrists to some degree without worry. Long-lasting, washable, and made in the USA, what’s not to love with these unique designs? Add to that a 30-day return policy and a comfortable thumb loop and you’ve got yourself a sweet deal. A unique thumb loop ensures it doesn’t curl down and can be loosened or fastened in-between exercises easily. Order now and simply loop, wrap, twist and get to work!